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point for at least exhibit "b." and unlike florida, arizona is still not even done yet. not even with this year's election. stay tuned. there will be more on this. yet. not even with this year's election. stay tuned there will be more on this. "first look" is up next. breaking news on "first look," new brombshells in the general petraeus scandal. now general john allen is connected to jill kelley, details ahead. plus a late-night search by the fbi of paula broadwell's home in charlotte. all of this as we face wide-swinging weather patterns that seem to defy anything we've seen before. breaking new s overnight in the scandal that brought down general petraeus. now the man who oversaw general petraeus in the afghanistan war
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is under investigation himself. general john allen is accused of "inappropriate communications" with jill kelley, the florida woman whose complaints of e-mail harassment started the initial investigation. a senior defense official traveling with panetta says 20,000 to 30,000 pages of epail and other documents from general allen's communications with kelley are under review. the official says general allen disputes engaging in any wrong doing in the matter. the fbi referred the matter to the department of defense for investigation on sunday. early this morning secretary panetta directed that the defense department's inspector general investigate. last night fbi agents went to the home of biographer paula broadwell, the woman government officials say petraeus acknowledged having an affair with. a senior law enforcement official tells nbc news the search was consensual and not a raid. the "washington post" reports that petraeus had hoped to
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survive the scandal but was told to resign by national intelligence director james clapper on election day. it was nbc's andrea mitchell who broke the petraeus story and she has more. >> mrs. kelley, how are you doing? >> reporter: we learned what was in the harassing e-mails to jilt kelley, the family friend who volunteer work for military families at mcdill air force base brought her and her husband into contact with the petraeus and other generals. it was her call for help to the fbi that kicked off the investigation. >> the e-mails accuse kelley with improper socializing with generals in tampa, but also has references of comings and goings of general petraeus. >> kelley's brother says his sister was a victim.
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>> my sister, number one, is a mother. she has three kids. extremely dedicated to those kids. number two, she's a wife and extremely dedicated to her husband. >> reporter: who would have access to petraeus' classified schedule? the computer trail led to petraeus' biographer paula broadwell. a military reservist and fellow west point graduate, broadwell attended the general's confirmation hearing for the cia. a few months later their affair began and lasted for ten months. broadwell often talked about her security clearance and recently about the bengahzi attack. seeming to cite inside information. >> i don't know if you heard this, but the cia took a couple of libyan prisoners in.
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>> reporter: do you have any information about that? >> i talked to my staff. they said this is not true. wo we'll see. this is something we need to check out. >> reporter: feinstein who will chair a senate inquiry into bengahzi this week wants to know what petraeus learned on a secret trip to debrief the cia station chief there shortly before he resigned. >> we have asked to see the trip report. one person said he has read it, then we try to get it and they tell us it hasn't been done. that's unacceptable. we're entitled to this trip report. if we have to go to the floor of the senate on a subpoena, we will do that. >> reporter: feinstein and michael rogers also want to know why the president didn't learn about the fbi investigation until last thursday and why they didn't learn until a day later, the day petraeus resigned. but eric canter learned tof it
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two weeks earlier. washington lawmakers will be returning to the capitol this morning and will be buzzing about the petraeus and allen investigations. but they're also going to be faced with a much larger problem. we're talking about the trillion dollar fiscal cliff, which if not dealt with before the end of the year will impact everyone in america. so today president obama will be meeting with key labor and progressive leaders at the white house for the first in a series of high-profile economic talks he will be hosting this week. to other news, from hurricane sandy and last week's nor'easter to spring-like weather in the east and mercury-plunging in the west, many are asking what is with the crazy extremes in weather? anne thompson has that story. >> reporter: america has a case of weather whiplash. >> 60 degrees as our high on friday. 28 degrees as our high on saturday. >> reporter: this weekend the west went from summer to winter
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overnight. >> that's winter. >> it's winter. >> reporter: the northeast basks in spring-like temperatures, still recovering from superstorm sandy and the nor'easter that covered her debris in a record snowfall. this year alone the nations endured a withering drought, the largest wildfires in history and the warmest month on record. in 2011 there were 14 extreme weather events, each doing more than a billion dollars in damage. now some politicians are connecting the dots, blaming the gases that come from burning coal, oil and gas for changing the climate. >> climate change, extreme weather, it is undeniable. >> reporter: when it comes to one specific event like sandy, more scientists are more cautious. >> we know global warming shifts the odds of certain extreme events, we can't say sandy was definitely caused by global warming, but we can say it shifted the odds in its favor. >> reporter: what they are certain about is that sea levels are rising, about a foot in the
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new york area since 1900. making sandy's storm surge that much more destructive, forever altering the coastline. extreme weather with extreme price tags becoming more commonplace. anne thompson, nbc news new york. now we turn to meteorologist bill karins. it's so true, i stepped out on sunday, it felt like may. >> a little bit of whiplash. >> you never know what you are going to get. >> it's the frequency that is the alarming part. we get the wild weather turns, but how often is the question. the last thing we need is another east coast wind or wave event. it is possible. almost looking likely at this point. this is going about six to seven days from now. it's in advance. hopefully things will change. this is how the setup looks now. a big area of high pressure will settle over quebec. at the same time a weak coastal storm looks to be coming off the carolinas. it will stall off the coast sometime sunday and linger to
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tuesday. the pressure gradient between these two will cause it to be windy, raw and rainy and pile up the water and waves along those areas that were effected by sandy. at this time, six to seven days in advance, my concerns are it's effecting the areas still recovering. minor coastal flooding looks possible. and minor beach erosion, too, if these waves and the high tide cycles last for two or three days. that's something to watch in the days ahead. this morning, not a lot going on. a light rain. bring the umbrella with you. d.c. up to new york, temperatures will plunge as we go throughout the day. notice how much colder it is by pittsburgh. all the cold air in the middle of the country will sweep to the east. the middle of the country will recover after a cold start, and for the east coast, rain this morning this afternoon you'll be dry and fine. coming up, the u.s. is poised to become the world's biggest oil producer and a new
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some stories making news, new york governor andrew cuomo wants $3$30 billion in federal d to rebuild after sandy, all new jersey drivers can now buy gasoline today as rationing e s ends. over the next decade, ufrs oil output is expected to surpass saudi arabia, and by 2020 the u.s. could become the largest oil producer in the world. kevin clash, the voice of elmo obsess my street, is take ing a leave of absence after allegations surfaced of a relationship with an underaged male. clash admits to the relationship but said it was between two consenting adults.
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the word of the year in the oxford american dictionary for 2012 is gif which stands for graphics interchange format, and that can create simple animations. it's widely used on the internet. other words include eurogeddon, plus super pac and superstorm. those all sound familiar. here's your "first look" at this morning's dish of scrambled politics. this is beyond scrambled. an arizona woman six months pregnant has been arrested, accused of running down her husband with a jeep because he didn't vote in the election. police say he claims she felt the reelection of president obama would create hardship for her family. the "washington post" says john kerry could be the next defense secretary. the current job holder, leon panetta, is not saying whether he's ready to step down or when. the post also reports that spot kerry might have preferred, secretary of state, would likely go to u.n. ambassador susan
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rice. house minority leader nancy pelosi says she won't answer questions whether she will stay in that role until she has had a chance to talk to her caulk cuss tomorrow. allen west could file a motion today challenging last week's election results. patrick murphy leads by 2,000 votes and is claiming victory. why can't we be friends? that is what mitt romney might be asking after his facebook page was being unliked at the rate of nearly 850 users per hour. conservative anti-tax crusader grover norquist had a rather unique way of describing romney and the obama victory. >> the president was elected on the basis he was not romney and romney was a poopy head. here is some good news, the
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romney campaign website is a virtual shopping mall of campaign swag for sale to remember that happy preelectioneer preelectio preelection era. and the white house has receiv received petitions from about 20 states that say they would like to succeed from the union. stocks started the week on the flat side but there was a little excitement when the new york stock exchange suffered a trading glitch. some 216 securities were effected. anti-virus software billionaire john mcafee is wanted for questioning in the murder of his neighbor in belize. his neighbor was found dead on sunday. his company was sold to intel in
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2011 for $7 billion. >> more than 7,000 people have signed a petition to drop donald trum trump. >> research in motion has set january 30th as the release date for the blackberry 10 operating system. and motor trend has named the tesla car of the year. it is the first time the pick was not powered by an internal combustion engine. a new study finds a link between women who have the flu during pregnancy and autism. children born to women who had the flu while pregnant were at least twice as likely of being diagnosed with autism before the age of 3. pregnant women who had a fever for over a week were also at higher risk. researchers are urging pregnant women to get their flu shots.
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here's your "first look" at some other news going on around america today. we will begin with new developments surrounding a deadly explosion that decimated this indianapolis neighborhood.
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investigators believe natural gas played a role in the blast but stopped short as labeling that as the official cause. over two dozen homeowners are being kept out until the investigation is complete. on monday they were allowed to return for an hour to salvage what they could. >> i'm a retiree, with heart problems this is the last thing i needed. >> more on that six-month pregnant woman we just told you about who ran over and nearly killed her husband for not voting on election day. listen to these 911 calls. >> somebody just got ran over here. >> this woman just ran down her boyfriend or husband in the parking lot. >> kid got hit by a car. >> police say the 36-year-old man is in critical condition while the wife faces domestic assault charges. how about a little sports. monday night football. steelers/chiefs. ben roethlisberger connected on a touchdown pass to mike wallace in the corner of the end zone there. but kansas city's defense sacked big ben. he left the game with a
2:21 am
separated shoulder. the steelers won with a final score of 16-13. this was big doings. yahoo! sports is apologizing for the outage of its hugely popular fantasy football site on sunday as the nfl games were starting. in the nba, as time was running out a game-tying three-point shot by ail jeff jefferson bounced out and then back in. in the third overtime, milsap's three-point wrapped up a 140-130 jazz win over the raptors. rookie of the year honors in the american league went to mike trout of the angels. it was the nats bryce harper that was the national league's rookie of the year. the two were actually teammates on the scottsdale scorpions of the arizona fall league just a year ago. and the penalties have been handed out after a brawl at a nascar race in phoenix on the sunday. bumping on the track led to this
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fist fight between gordon and clint bowyer. gordon was fined $100,000. bill ckarins now has your weather forecast. did you get hurt by that fantasy football forecast? >> no, i didn't, but i know it might have upset some people. good morning, everyone. rain is moving through the eastern seaboard from the mid-atlantic up to new england. we will watch this light rain for your morning commute. it's not too hard, just a light showery-type rain. i don't expect a lot of airport problems. the big thing you will notice after the rain is done is how the temperatures are plummeting. 36 in boston. amazingly warm. look at what is on its way. 20 degrees colder in albany. the same thing is happening from
2:23 am
pittsburgh to d.c. so temperatures will tumble on the chilly side. carry your jacket up in new england. as the rain moves out, this afternoon should be just fine. the rest of the country looks calm. i had my eye on the next possible rain and wind event for the eastern seaboard next week. coming up, why rockefeller center is being besieged by tweens this morning. >> my fans. >> you're watching "first look." ♪ i'd like to thank eating right, whole grain, multigrain cheerios! mom, are those my jeans?
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the director of the cia general david petraeus has resigned after it came out he had an affair with the woman who wrote his biography. getting caught is bitter sweet
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by petraeus because he was like, damn that was good investigative work. got to give it up. big entertainment news "sky fall" came in number one this weekend with $88 million. yeah. this is about a spy who fights terrorists and sleeps with a lot of women. critics are calling it well-made, david petraeus is calling it relatable. >> you going to go there, bill? didn't think so. monday marked the beginning of the end for twilight. the breaking dawn part ii premiere in los angeles, so pattinson was asked if he would ever play a vampire again, he said definitely but the script would have to be good. victoria's secret has been
2:28 am
under fire for using a native american style headdress on one of their models. victoria secret has apologized. they will cut the controversial outfit from their show. the show will still go on, bill, don't worry. are you hearing a dull roar? don't adjust your television. there's an enormous crowd gathered outside 30 rock right now for the british boy band one direction. they have been lined up since sunday for the band's performance on the "today" show this morning. >> between twilight and one direction -- >> your head is spinning. today's date may ring a bell for some viewers. take a listen. >> on november 13, felix undwas asked to remove himself from his place of residence. >> once a week he was kicked out of the house and forced to live with oscar madison, an odd
2:29 am
couple if i ever had seen one. kind of like us on "first look." though i don't know which one i would say is neat or messy -- >> i'm not messy, but i believe you have little ocd problems. >> i think you have learned quickly that's absolutely the case. things are lined up perfectly. >> "way too early" is next. > the fall from grace of one of the most respected military men of this generation. >> please don't be captain america. please don't be captain american. >> one of the most respecteded military men. four-star general david petraeus stepped down on friday after he admitteded to an extramarital affair. >> it was captain america! >> late last night the fbi drops by the home of paula
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